New Rabbitton

New Rabbitton is a relatively new town on the Morth Plains formed by the expatriates of the newly-named Old Rabbitton. The citizens consider themselves survivors forced from their homes by monsters, though their status as a trade hub is quickly returning to what it was in its old location.

Persons of Interest

  • Goriba – The fastest man in town, if his claims are to be believed. In reality, his friends work to hinder his opponents during every race.
  • Aso – The proprietor of a chest minigame, where customers can win great riches and also bombs.
  • Ers – A member of the town guard who can’t understand why the town’s defenses are so lax. He gave the party the confiscated Moblin’s Mask for the All-Night Mask, which he intends to use to maintain vigil at all times.
  • Elen – A helpful young man who performs odd jobs around town.

Places of Interest

  • A temple containing an active spirit shrine to Lyeen, the rabbit.

New Rabbitton

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