End Town

End Town is a small city on the border between Hyrule and the Far Lands. Until recently it was assumed to be the last settlement before the untamed wilds of the rest of the world. It is surrounded by hostile terrain patrolled by moblins, though it has not seen an attempted attack or invasion in decades.

Persons of Interest

  • Chat – A fortune teller who gets information from across the Far Lands by communing with ghosts.
  • Sunum – A traveling merchant and the only person to make the trip between End Town and Corvuston before the party.
  • Nalaw – A fletcher and general tradeswoman who sells adventuring gear, including arrows and shields.
  • Mous – A potion seller who currently only sells red potions.
  • Nexire – A man who wants nothing more than to be among high society.

Places of Interest

  • Spirit shrine to an unknown animal, activated by Dayalda
  • Diale’s Bar, which sells milk during the day and alcohol at night
  • A high-society club, where a member is looking to collect a souvenir from every pat of the world.

End Town

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