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All characters start at level 3. Characters gain a level upon completing a dungeon. Characters may also gain levels by collecting four Pieces of Heart, which are scattered throughout the Far Lands. Pieces of Hearts are shared by the entire party, so collecting four grants the entire party one level. The Far Lands have twenty-four Pieces of Heart.


Characters start with a L4 item, a L3 item, a L2 item, and 520 gp.

As characters level, scalable items automatically level with them. For example, if a character has a vicious longsword +1 (a L2 item), it automatically upgrades to be a vicious longsword +2 (a L7 item) when its wielder becomes 6th level. Similarly, a heroic bashing shield (L5) becomes a paragon bashing shield (L15) when its wielder becomes 14th level. This does not apply to rare items, such as those found in dungeons; these items can only be upgraded by specific experts.

If a character wishes to change their item (for example, by trading a vicious longsword for a flaming longsword), this is possible. It may require a quest for find the new item, or it may be available in a shop or from an NPC. Players may not enchant their own non-consumable items with rituals.


D&D Currency Hyrule Currency
1 cp 1 green rupee
1 sp 1 blue rupee
1 gp 1 red rupee
10 gp 1 purple rupee
1 pp 1 orange rupee
10 pp 1 silver rupee
1 astral crystal 1 gold rupee

Campaign Information

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