Impetuous Sniper


Kojen is a hylian hunter and former shopkeeper. Early in his training, he latched on to the simplicity and speed of a repeating crossbow. As such, when his adventures had rewarded him with a magically self-reloading crossbow, he found that the majority of his problems could be solved simply by firing more arrows. Where a more skilled hunter would solve a problem with a single arrow, Kojen used ten arrows; Where a more skilled hunter would solve a problem with ten arrows, Kojen used a hundred arrows without hesitation.

However, lest anyone accuse Kojen of being talentless or lazy, Kojen used the time not spent improving his aim to study the erratic winds of the god Cyclos. He now prides himself on being able to effortlessly slip through impossibly small holes in an enemy’s offense. Moreover, he is also an accomplished swordsman, but still prefers firing his crossbow at close range over the comparatively slow, calculating nature of swordplay.


Kojen is the firstborn son of Majen and Chailo, owners of Kokiri’s Edge Gear Shop. While his mother and father traveled looking for supply lines, Kojen, along with his two younger sisters, Mailo and Hano, tended the shop, selling gear to adventurers headed into the woods while dreaming of one day joining them.

Three days before his twelfth birthday, Kojen’s parents managed to trade for a repeating crossbow. Kojen immediately became enamored with it and begged his parents to let him train with it. Even though they knew that such a weapon could fetch a high price this close to the woods, they relented and gave Kojen the crossbow for his birthday. Kojen immediately began training, and soon started delving into the forest, killing small nuisances and collecting their bounties to pay for the shop’s arrows he used. From there Kojen worked his way up, claiming bigger and bigger bounties until eventually he earned the favor of a Great Fairy who imbued his crossbow with magic that made it automatically reload. This increased Kojen’s consumption of arrows, leading Hano to open her own wing of the shop dedicated solely to crafting bulk loads of high quality arrows for Kojen.

At seventeen years old, after amassing a small fortune for his family, Kojen decided it was time that he went out to see the world. With a final blessing from his parents and sisters, Kojen gathered his belongings and headed out towards Hyrule field. Hano opened her arrow crafting business to the public while Mailo took over managing the shop’s trade routes so their parents could stay at home. Even four years later, whenever Kojen looks to restock on arrows, he always tries to find a shop selling Hano’s arrows.


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